Big Data Technology for Investor Protection

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Name Origin «see» «financials»
Logo Origin «see» «world» «financials»
Market Position Leader in Investor Protection since 2009
Visionary Role With the relevant MiFID II stakeholders at European level
Company Expertise Financial Products (Capital Markets)
Big Data Technology (Search Engines / Data Mining)
Mathematical Modeling
MiFID II / Investor Protection Interpretation
MiFID II Consulting Make institutions fully compliant with regulatory requirements as intended by the legislators to establish high quality standards for the industry
MiFID II Workshop Workshop Administrator - True & Full interpretation of MiFID II
Workshop Participants CITI Group, UBS, Credit Suisse, Santander Group, ABN AMRO, Rabobank, KBC, Intesa Sanpaolo, Unicredit, Societe Generale, HSBC, Standard Chartered


Vision A world where financial products are treated as a mere commodity by all
Mission To foster social and economic stability by restoring confidence in capital markets
How: By empowering investors to invest with security and confidence in capital markets
Market Banks, asset managers, authorities, insurance companies, pension funds and ESRB


Product Description Security Indicator - TIPER - True Intelligent Product Evaluator of Risk
Product Characteristics Security Indicator (degree of loss potential), real time (at least daily), comprehensible to the layman and expressed as a single rating (0-100%) consistent and applicable throughout all assets classes (on 16 million products)
Issuer Requirements TIPER® is produced by an independent party not involved in the transaction, recommendation, analysis or issuance of financial products in order to avoid bias and conflict of interest
Product Solution TIPER® satisfies 50 requirements in Investor Protection: Product Governance, Product Suitability, Information to Clients, Conflict of Interest, Inducements.
TIPER® simplifies 25 requirements in Investor Protection: Investment Advise, Risk Management, Safeguarding of Client Financial Instruments, Provision of Services in non-complex instruments, Investment Research
Market Solutions
Asset Managers       Increase the performance of financial products by anticipating future risk
Banks Asses the quality of a financial product in real time
Industry Satisfy/Simplify 75 requirements in MiFID II / Investor Production & meets the MiFID II on-going Inducement Article
Product Interest MiFID II Legislators & Authorities


Product Coverage 16 million products (99% of all retail products worldwide)
Hedge Funds8'000
Fund of Funds24'000
Structured Products   2'210'000
Product History Inception/15 years+
Processing History 8 years+
Product Intelligence Contagion / systemic risk / product family / performance & underlying history on 16 million products
Data Providers Thomson Reuters - Six Telekurs - DowJones - Interactive Data - S&P Capital - Morningstar - Scoach - Fundinfo - Credit Suisse - Kneip - BCV - RBS Group - Bombay Stock Exchange - ...
Values 5.5 Billion processed daily


Michael Heijmeijer    Chief Executive Officer
Alain Perret Chief Financial Officer
Stéphane Polack Chief Information Officer
Board Members Michael Heijmeijer (Chairman)
Yves Aellig (Secretary)
Miles Hopwood
Manuel Gil
Stephane Polack


Creation 09 March 2009
Founder Michael S. Heijmeijer  1970
Dr. Fouad Rahali   1955
Stephane Polack 1970
Company published in L’Agefi - Reuters News - Finanz Wirtshaft - BILANZ - Paris Match - ELLE Magazine - Les Echos - Createur - Private Banking - L’Hebdo - Banque & Finance - Finanztip - PME.
Press Articles 60+ and Publications 600+


Company Name Cfinancials SA
Company Number CH-550.1.057.322-2
VAT Number CHE-114.758.931
Objective The company's purpose is to produce and distribute a Security Indicator - TIPER® - in line with MiFID II / Investor Protection
Auditor PwC Lausanne
Legal Counsel Bird & Bird London / C. Wilhelm Avocats Lausanne
Declaration of Independence PwC Lausanne
Declaration of Integrity Deloitte SA Geneva
Outstanding Shares 11'159'905 (non-listed)
Market Capitalization CHF 122'758'955 (31.12.2016)
Introduction to Foundation PeoplesFinancials 2013